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Becky Wells-Freeman and son Mark
Jan 21, 2018
I remember Marvin when I was a young girl and visited Aunt Nellie and Grandma Bach. Last I saw him was when Susan Bach died and we talked. He was always kind to me. May God Bless you all during this time. He will be missed.
Mary Keeran Stretchbery
Jan 20, 2018
So sorry to hear about Marvin's passing. I remember him as a very quite, gentle, giant teenager. I was 6 years younger then him so looked up to him as was Michigan cousin. We only saw each other about 2 times a year as back in the 1950 driving to MI from OH was special trip back then. Sending my condolences to family.
Richard J. MacAdams, P.E.
Jan 20, 2018
I had the pleasure of working with Marv on one Buick project (Flint, Michigan) and two Union Carbide projects: Puerto Rico and Welland, Ontario. Marv had a tremendous capacity for turning out work which was always accurate and well-done. We made many, many trips to Canada together on the Welland project and shared many a laugh after we had to convince the border agents, time and time again, that we should not pay duty on the sepia copies of drawings, that we had with us. Had they been the original drawings, duty was assessable as determined by the cost of each drawing. ( Manhours per drawing was close to 300...and we had close to 400 drawings to cover the whole project). But these... were copies...not originals. On one occasion, we were asked what was the value of the sheets we had with us. We told them "zero." "Oh," the border guards said. "Then you would not care if we threw them in the wastebasket?" We replied, "That is correct." Whereupon, they did just that! We headed back to our car, intending to call the Welland engineers and tell them what had happened because, without the sepias, there was no meeting possible. However, there was a happy ending. When the border guards saw us get into our car, they rushed back into their office, retrieved the sepias, and put them into our car. "Oh," they said, "then if we threw them in the waste basket, you would not care?" We replied, "correct." Of course, we did care, because without the sepia copies of the drawings, there could be no meeting with the Welland people. Whereupon, they threw them in the waste basket and we returned to our carRead more
The Grady Group Golfers - Fairfield Glade TN
Jan 18, 2018
We extend our most heartfelt condolences to Marv's family. We'll be telling "Marv stories" for a while; from his distinctive sound when he was displeased with a shot to using a gold golf ball to putt with. We pray you find some solace knowing Marv touched many of our lives and will be missed by us all. He was a great golfing buddy and a joy to be with. May God bless you all. John Campbell
Bill Rankin
Jan 17, 2018
I worked with Marv at SSOE for 20 years. There are many war stories to be told, but they all have the same theme. He was never shy about providing an opinion and driving the point home. If you respected him, he respected you. If you argued about a technical topic, you'd be talking about the weather five minutes later. Rest in eternal peace, my friend.! You are an all time great!

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